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Why Do I Need to See an Oral Surgeon?

Oral Surgeons are dentists who have completed at least three years of postgraduate training in surgical care of the mouth and surrounding structures, and gain recognition from the General Dental Council for their additional skills. 


This includes mastering techniques for removing teeth, including difficult cases such as impacted wisdom teeth or teeth that have become fragile. This expertise helps Oral Surgeons to perform even the most difficult extractions safely and comfortably, while giving you the reassurance that your care is being handled by a clinician who is fully up-to-date with best practice. This is particularly important when teeth are going to be replaced by a dental implant.

In addition to removing teeth, Oral Surgeons are also qualified to perform procedures such as biopsies and cyst removals, which general dentists do not typically perform. They also have additional medical knowledge and experience, allowing them to safely administer IV sedation and treat patients with complex medical histories or conditions.


Our practice-based Oral Surgery service means we can offer this specialised care without the need to wait on long waiting lists or travel to busy dental hospitals.

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